Every year, an estimated $2.4 trillion in proceeds from activities such as forced prostitution, terrorism, and drug trafficking will be laundered through the world’s financial markets and banking systems
— World Economic Forum

Criminals and criminal organisations are constantly adapting their methods and using more sophisticated approaches to avoid detection and continue to build up enormous stashes of hidden wealth across the globe.

Themis is focused on reducing the global impact of economic and cyber-crime, corruption and terrorist financing, making it harder for criminals to launder the proceeds of crime through our financial and professional networks.

We work with policy makers, law enforcement, regulators and businesses to understand the latest developments in financial crime and the criminal exploitations of our financial systems.

As a bridge between the public and private sectors, we help shape financial crime legislation and guidance in order to support firms by enhancing their ability to prevent and detect the flow of dirty money through their legitimate businesses.

Together with our community of financial crime policy makers, professional practitioners and investigators, our vision at Themis is to tackle the detrimental impacts of financial crime on our society. By promoting greater knowledge and awareness we can collectively help prevent criminals from abusing the financial system for their own gain.

Money laundering is giving oxygen to organised crime.
— Enrique Penan Nieto, former President of Mexico

Themis tackles all aspects of financial crime including: